Why do I need a high output alternator?  

These days many of us add accessories to our vehicles such as dual battery systems, spot lights or light bars, caravan or camper trailer needs, etc. A well set up touring vehicle with caravan in tow can easily add another 60-80 amps of continous electrical demand often tipping the factory alternator over it's limit. 

Running essentials like headlights and air conditioning and other vehicle accessories whilst towing may effect the maximum recommended charging system in your vehicle. This is where our range of high output alternators come into play. Providing peace of mind and reliabilty to power your electrical systems as needed.  

This is a guide to maintain reliability on running additional charge systems within your vehicle and caravan. Based on up spec models high electrical demands eg. 200 Series with rear air and cool box in console. Lower grade models with less electrical demand may be able to run more.

If you don't upgrade your alternator from stock to meet your increased electrical demands it will lead to premature alternator failure. 

Stock Alternator vs High Output Alternator

       This a guide only usage can vary depending on accessories used.